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common interview question - tell me about yourself

If you’ve ever been to an interview and were asked, “Tell me about yourself,” this question can seem almost confusing. What is the purpose of this question, and is there a right or wrong answer? The answer is this – Yes, there is definitely an appropriate way to answer this question for your interview to increase your chances of getting hired.

To answer the question “tell me about yourself,” you must list your specific skills, relevant experience, motivation for applying to a new position, and any personal qualities that make you a good fit for the job position.

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What Recruiters are Looking For in Your “Tell Me About Yourself” Answer

When recruiters tell you, “Tell us about yourself,” it’s important to understand that this question should not be taken lightly. Yes, interview panels have come a long way, as have recruiters in trying to find the best talent to work at their agencies. Nevertheless, this is no time to give philosophical or humorous answers.

When a recruiter is asking you, “Tell me something about yourself,” here’s what they’re looking for:Your motivations for getting a new job

  • The type of personality you have
  • Whether or not you can get along with other team members
  • What your priorities are, and if they will interfere with your new position
  • Your level of experience for your new job
  • Educational experience
  • Relevant information about your new career choice, especially if you worked in another field prior to your interview

Best Answers For Your “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

Now that you know what a recruiter is looking for, it’ll be easier answering the tell me about yourself question. Below are some tips you can use to answer this question and truly stun your interviewers.

DO Start With the Most Relevant Experience

For instance, if you are applying to a job as a manager and worked recently as a lead supervisor, use this experience first and foremost to answer the recruiter. 

On the other hand, if you used to work in healthcare, switched to design, and now want to interview for another healthcare position, start off with the relevant experience you had at your older job.

Do Not Mention Any Flaws

It’s easy to get carried away and answer the “tell me about yourself” question with irrelevant answers. However, DO stick to using only professional answers and not bring up any character flaws you think you might have.

For instance, don’t tell the recruiter, “I’m someone who struggled in high school and continues to struggle now.” Your recruiter might ask you later in the interview about flaws, so use this opportunity to highlight your best skills.

DO Keep the Recruiter’s Tone And Attitude in Mind

Is your recruiter tense and professional? Or do they seem more laid back and wait to use the question as an ice breaker? It can be difficult to tell, unless you’re paying close attention to your recruiter.

DO Keep in mind what the recruiter’s intentions are with this “tell me about yourself answer.” If you have a recruiter that is warm and inviting, answering this question in a light-hearted manner using personal anecdotes combined with experience can help break the ice.

On the other hand, if your interviewer is strict and less cheery, stick to talking about your skills and professional experience and leave personal stories to a minimum. DON’T give flowery stories if your recruiter is short on time.

“Tell Me About Yourself” Example Answers

“I started off my career in finance, and grew to love it after switching careers in healthcare. I want to help others learn how to manage their money, and think this job would be a great fit for my goals.”

“I’m someone who values customer service and care, which stems from having to work in that field as a teenager. I have 10 years of experience in customer service, have won several customer service awards, and now want to start a career in the hospitality industry to expound on my customer service interests.”

Is There an Alternative “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question?

You might be confronted with questions that seem different, but are really masquerading as a “tell me about yourself question.”

The tell me about yourself simple answer for all of these? Talk about your skills and relevance!

  • Why do you want this job?
  • What do you offer to our company?
  • How do you plan on succeeding in this career?
  • What made you choose this career path?

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