How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

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common interview question - why should we hire you

If you’ve ever been to an interview or watched videos of others being interviewed, you might be curious as to why interviewed love to ask “Why should we hire you.” This is a heavy loaded question that might be difficult to completely understand, and difficult to know how to answer without the best “why should we hire you examples.”

To know how to answer “why should we hire you”, start off by listing the best skills you can offer a company. Then, offer the company other factors that can help them make a hiring determination, such as your dedication to a company and the passion you have for a certain position. In addition, make sure to show genuine enthusiasm in your answer.

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What’s Behind the “Why Should We Hire You” Interview Question?

There are many things behind the interview question “Why Should We Choose You.” These include:

  • Companies want to know what skill levels you posses that make you a qualified candidate. 
  • How do you differ from the rest of the candidate in terms of skills, education, and awards.
  • Do you have a specific reason for choosing the company? This can show how prepared someone is for the job and if they’re the type of candidate who researches well.
  • Companies want to know if you’ll be able to work as part of a team, and if this is considered one of you strongest skill sets.
  • This question will also alert the interviewers to candidates that truly want to make themselves stand out with their pitch.

How You Can Explain “Why Should I Be Hired”

In order to prepare yourself for the question of, “Why Should We Consider You For this Position,” you need to prepare an answer ahead of time by using the following tips:

  • Ask yourself “Why should I be hired?” This is a genuine question that can take some time to answer, but it’s a good exercise in self-reflection. Consider what separates you from other candidates. Did you take the time to take an extra course in school to prepare for this position? Has this been your passion, and if so, what have you done to prepare for fulfilling your passion?
  • Prepare an answer that highlights skills over anything else. For instance, if you’re applying for an interior design position, mention that you have been an intern at an architectural firm, instead of idolizing designers at a young age. Stating that you idolized designers might help prove your devotion to the craft, but it does nothing to help recruiters determine your skill level.
  • Consider all other educational experience and relevant skills when making a why should we hire you with no experience example. For instance, you might have worked as a car salesman, but have had experience in sales in another department, or even taken a business class in school. All of these can help you answer the question “Why should you hire me.”
  • Identify unique situations that helps set you apart from other candidates and gives you a unique skill set. For instance, you might be applying for a position as a nursing director, and having served Iona. Detail overseeing nursing staff and the development of a new medical unit can help with this position, more so than simply having done hands-on nursing like other candidates.

“Why Should We Hire You” Sample Answer

“I am the best candidate for the position because I have over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing. No other candidate is familiar with the process of digital marketing quite like I am, or has the number of network connections that I do.”

“I have always been passionate about helping others, and even took time to volunteer at my local shelters at a young age. This makes me a good candidate for the position as community outreach coordinator, since I know how to interact with the un-housed population.”

“Why you should hire me is up to the company, but I know that this company values its mission of expanding and growing to every state, and I share that same commitment. I believe my commitment matches that of the company.”

Alternative “Why Should We Hire You” Questions

  • What separates you from other candidates?
  • What can you offer that other candidates can’t?
  • How do your skills match this job?
  • What makes you so special or vital to your current organization?
  • Why do you want to choose us as your next employer?

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