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common interview question - do you have any questions for us

When you go in for an interview, you might encounter a fairly common question that might throw you for a loop. That question is “Do you have any questions for us?” Although you might want to, on instinct, not ask any questions, the best thing to do is to come up with a series of questions that are both beneficial for you and the company. Whether you want to solidify whether or not you’ll get the job, or want to learn more about whether or not this is a worthwhile position to obtain, knowing how to answer do you have any questions for us is very beneficial and can help you land the perfect job!

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What is the Best “Do You Have Any Questions for Us” Answer?

Before you know what interview questions to ask employer interviewers, it’s important to understand why they are asking you this question. What is the interview panel looking for in your “Do you have any questions for us best answer?” This can seem like a tricky question to answer, but really, its purpose is to let the interviewer know that:

  • You did your research on the company
  • You understand the job duties
  • You use your time wisely for clarification
  • You share your concerns about the position
  • You are eager to learn more

Let’s say you are getting hired as a bank teller at a small bank. Your interviewer might be interested in knowing more about what you know about their small bank, and also answer any of your concerns. It is always best to ask questions designed for specific jobs. For instance, you wouldn’t say “Do you promote from within” at a fast food restaurant, but perhaps you would for a bigger corporate job.

In short, the interviewer is looking for an opportunity to be direct, get to know you better by hearing your concerns, and also know how much you know about the job and measure your enthusiasm.

What are the Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

There are certain killer interview questions to ask employers, and there are also questions that you might want to avoid completely. 

  • DO ask about the job duties itself if you have questions. Although you should know the job duties from looking at the job posting, you might have questions such as, “What training is involved,” or, “What are the working hours?”
  • DO be poltie and not interrogate the interviewer. For instance, if your question is about the pay salary, DON’T ask outright what it is. Instead, say, “Are you willing to compensate based on experience?”
  • DO have a list of questions ready with genuine concerns, and DON’T make questions up on the spot.
  • DO ask questions about why they’re hiring new talent, for instance, “Is there a specific reason behind your hiring spree?”
  • DO flatter the company by asking questions about them. For instance, “I know that you are expanding into other cities because I read it on the news. Would my job duties pertain to that expansion?”
  • The main point is to not antagonize your interviewer or be perceived as rude or pushy. It’s also not a good idea to ask about pay outright, since the interviewer will want to know that you want to work for them more because of the company itself, and less because of the pay.
  • DO create questions to ask at the end of an interview that help the interviewers envision you in the position. For instance, “Where would my office be?” or, “Who would I interact with on a daily basis?”

“Do You Have Any Questions for Us” Examples

“What does the average day of a ___________ look like?”

“I understand that your company just acquired another business, would I be trained on both business standards?”

“What traits are you looking for in an employee?”

“What is the timeframe for learning the duties of this job?”

“What is the reason behind your hiring fair?”

“Are you willing to compensate for appropriate skill level?”

How Having Questions to Ask In An Interview Helps

All of these are good questions to ask during an interview that can help your interviewer envision you in a position, which psychologically help them choose you over other candidates! You can also learn more about the company itself, what it values, and what it’s looking for. You can then use this to showcase the skills you have that make you perfect for the position.

Lastly, these questions also help you appear informed and enthusiastic about your future employer, which is the most important part of interview questions for managers and owners. 

Alternative “Do You Have Any Questions For Us?”

  • Are there any concerns you wish to share?
  • Do you have any thoughts about the position?
  • Are you comfortable with these job requirements?
  • Is there anything you’d like us to discuss?
  • Is there anything you’d like to add?

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